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Coin 24H Change Price USD Market Cap Supply
1 Icons
Bitcoin BTC
Icons $64,600.43531758
$1,274,374,596,322.07495117 $19,727,028.00000000
2 Icons
Ethereum ETH
Icons $3,420.54430132
$411,222,002,229.70111084 $120,221,218.02997445
3 Icons
Tether USDT
Icons $1.00039185
$113,268,922,060.86863708 $113,224,555,138.64410400
4 Icons
Icons $572.91084733
$95,562,187,037.04031372 $166,801,148.00000000
5 Icons
Solana SOL
Icons $157.02616139
$72,885,177,698.54472351 $464,159,456.32223606
6 Icons
Icons $1.00019384
$33,781,567,769.11943817 $33,775,020,836.72846222
7 Icons
Icons $0.61700755
$28,014,628,628.50875092 $45,404,028,640.00000000
8 Icons
Dogecoin DOGE
Icons $0.12313479
$17,873,799,620.40908813 $145,156,376,383.70526123
9 Icons
Cardano ADA
Icons $0.44248772
$15,879,811,664.81850243 $35,887,576,179.60099792
10 Icons
Icons $0.13409117
$11,679,940,217.49481010 $87,104,471,741.30609131
11 Icons
Avalanche AVAX
Icons $27.89693472
$11,010,846,380.00359344 $394,697,356.17170453
12 Icons
Shiba Inu SHIB
Icons $0.00001882
$11,089,397,904.60355759 $589,270,742,857,240.62500000
13 Icons
Icons $64,610.55858330
$10,000,564,005.42954063 $154,782.19388146
14 Icons
Polkadot DOT
Icons $6.37645617
$8,857,707,514.71379089 $1,389,127,012.18900990
15 Icons
Chainlink LINK
Icons $13.98613563
$8,504,968,666.38573265 $608,099,970.45278668
16 Icons
Icons $378.88882661
$7,477,051,305.65317345 $19,734,156.25000000
17 Icons
Icons $5.75231377
$5,326,458,932.38113213 $925,968,078.89999998
Icons $0.99864540
$5,340,644,350.52150059 $5,347,888,595.74640751
19 Icons
Icons $6.21488762
$6,853,497,206.82631302 $1,102,754,809.00000000
20 Icons
Polygon MATIC
Icons $0.55357240
$5,479,084,264.99098301 $9,897,683,258.61915398

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After you have made a withdrawal request from Alpha Trade, the withdrawal will go through various statuses. You can check the current status on your Withdrawal page.

— Not confirming email One of the most common reasons is not confirming the withdrawal through a link in the email. This email is sent to the email address linked to your Alpha Trade account, and you have 12 hours to confirm your withdrawal request before the withdrawal is automatically cancelled. If you do not see the confirmation email, it could be accidentally filtered and moved to the Spam folder of your email account. Please be sure to check your spam folder before re-submitting a withdrawal request.
— Withdrawal hold If an account is on withdrawal hold because of a recent security change, withdrawals will be cancelled. Users who are on hold will see a notification of this on their Withdrawal page. Learn more about withdrawal holds here.
— Negative balance Occasionally a fee charge can cause a small negative balance which can be resolved by transferring funds from one wallet to another. If an account has a negative balance in one of the wallets, no withdrawals are accepted until the negative balance is settled. New withdrawal requests will automatically be cancelled until the negative balance is settled.
— The wrong address If the Send to address or other withdrawal fields are not properly entered, an error message will appear, preventing you from making a withdrawal request. Important: Always be sure to check that you are entering the correct and complete address. If possible, copy and paste it to avoid typographical errors. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Alpha Trade Support. We will be happy to help!

A third-party wallet refers to a digital wallet that is outside of Alpha Trade. You will be able to move funds out of your Alpha Trade wallet to a third-party wallet through making a withdrawal. Learn more about how to make withdrawals in the article How to withdraw crypto from Alpha Trade. Note: Once a withdrawal has been sent from Alpha Trade and successfully processed onto the blockchain, we cannot take further responsibility. For any further issues, please contact the receiving party of who you sent the funds to. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Alpha Trade Support. We are happy to help!

Tether is a blockchain-enabled platform launched in 2014 to make it easier to use fiat currency digitally. Every USD-pegged Tether token (USD₮) is pegged to the dollar one-to-one; therefore, 1 USD₮ is always valued at 1 USD by Tether. Tether uses a more modern approach to money to disrupt the traditional financial structure. It has made strides by enabling clients to transact with traditional currencies via the blockchain while avoiding the inherent volatility and complexity of digital currencies. Being the first blockchain-enabled platform to enable the digital use of traditional currencies (a familiar, stable accounting unit), Tether has democratised cross-border blockchain transactions.

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